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Upgrading HeaterMeter Software

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Quick Start

For users who are already running a fully working HeaterMeter / LinkMeter Pi image and just want to install the latest software (both Pi Firmware and AVR Firmware).

  • Either download the .gz firmware from or copy the link to the .gz firmware from that page. Be sure to select the version and target you want to upgrade to. Note that the "Automatic Wifi Configuration" does not need to be filled out-- the upgrade will copy your existing wifi settings.
  • In the HeaterMeter webui navigate to System -> Backup / Flash Firmware. Either choose the "Image file" option (if you downloaded the .gz) or "Image URL" option (if you copied the link).
  • If Keep Settings is checked, your existing wifi configuration and other settings will be copied over. If the checkbox is cleared the Pi Firmware will start from a clean state with no settings.
  • Flash!
  • The page will say please wait while the configuration changes are made, but the spinner will never stop. The process only takes about 1 minute, but you can safely start trying to reload the webui after about 5 seconds. It will just time out until everything is back up and running

Detailed Information

What is a SNAPSHOT version?

Long story short: Use the snapshot. Snapshots are the current next release under development. It is updated frequently as features and bug fixes are created. Eventually, a good stopping point is reached and a release is created. Releases have version numbers like v13, v14, etc, and snapshots have version numbers which are date codes in the form yyyymmdd. Every attempt is made to create fully stable snapshots, so those are recommended for daily use because the releases get pretty old before a new release is made.

AVR vs Pi firmware

There are two firmware packages that comprise the system. One is the HeaterMeter microcontroller's software, which actually does all the work of measuring temperatures and doing the grill control. This is the AVR Firmware. The second firmware is the Pi firmware that stores the database, provides the webui, and handles alarm notifications. This is referred to as simply Firmware, and includes a bundled AVR Firmware which was the most recent at the time the Firmware image was created.

Do I need to update the AVR firmware manually?

Typically, no. Upgrading the Firmware always upgrades the AVR Firmware as well, but upgrading the AVR Firmware doesn't do anything to the Pi Firmware. They are separated in the webui because the AVR Firmware is more frequently updated and usually does not require the Pi Firmware to be upgraded too, which takes a lot longer. Manually updating the AVR Firmware is normally only done by those wanting to stay up to date with the absolute latest snapshots or when someone in the forum suggests trying the latest AVR Firmware to address a reported issue. So, if you are already running a fully working HeaterMeter / LinkMeter Pi image and just want to install the latest software (Pi firmware and AVR firmware), you only need to upgrade the Pi firmware as previously described in Quick Start.

If you must manually update the AVR Firmware:

  • In the HeaterMeter webui navigate to LinkMeter -> AVR Firmware.
  • Choose the "Online repository" option and select the snapshot or release heatermeter.hex of choice.
  • Flash! and wait a few seconds. You should see the output end with 'Update successful; Starting LinkMeter OK'

How do I know what version I am on?

The AVR firmware version is listed on the LinkMeter -> Configuration page under the HeaterMeter Information section, Version item.

The Pi firmware version is listed on the top left corner of every page in the webui, apart from the home page. Unfortunately, this information is fairly cryptic, reading like LEDE Reboot SNAPSHOT r13932-93ac71ef29. Starting with the snapshot on 2020-Feb-09, this information is replaced with the date stamp of the snapshot build or the release version number (starting in v15).

What happens if I select the wrong target board?

If the wrong target is downloaded and flashed, your HeaterMeter's Pi will stop booting, although the HeaterMeter will operate as normal. Once in this state, there is nothing that can be done to recover apart from removing the SD card and flashing it on a separate computer again, as if this was a first time installation.

What about Reset config? from the device LCD menu?

If set to "Yes" and the screen is exited, both the HeaterMeter's device configuration will be reset, as well as everything on the Pi. This resets everything back to defaults, including the network configuration. The wifi will be set to AP mode with the network name (SSID) of heatermeter. To just reset the HeaterMeter device configuration and not the Pi, remove the HeaterMeter from the Raspberry Pi before performing the Reset config? and it won't be able to touch the Pi's configuration.

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