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Upgrading LinkMeter 1to2

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Upgrading LinkMeter v1 to v2

This document covers important changes to the LinkMeter package from v1 to v2. The LinkMeter v2 release is based on OpenWrt r27923 / LuCI r7342.


LinkMeter v2 requires the HeaterMeter (arduino) software be at least after the July 1st version for proper operation.

New architecture

To conserve resources, LinkMeter no longer runs in its own separate process (formerly linkmeterd). LinkMeter now lives inside the LuCId process. This also removes the requirement of having uhttpd installed and running.

No init.d script

There's no longer /etc/init.d/linkmeterd to start and stop. LinkMeter can be started and stopped via /etc/init.d/lucid start | stop. This has the side effect of starting and stopping the web server as well. If this is not desirable, you can start and stop the serial daemon using the LinkMeter Client

# Stop the LinkMeter serial daemon
lua /usr/lib/lua/lmclient.lua LMD0
# Start the LinkMeter serial daemon 
lua /usr/lib/lua/lmclient.lua LMD1

The daemon is will not start multiple instances if you call LMD1 multiple times. See also LMClient Commands

New config file

LinkMeter configuration is now stored in /etc/config/lucid. Your configuration will not be migrated. The option names have not changed.

config 'linkmeterd' 'linkmeter'
        option 'serial_device' '/dev/ttyS1'
        option 'rrd_file' '/tmp/hm.rrd'
        option 'serial_baud' '115200'
        option 'stashpath' '/root'

After upgrading, you may want to delete /etc/config/linkmeter as it is no longer used and may get confusing later.

New socket path

The LinkMeter server communication socket is now /var/run/linkmeter.sock

No PID file

The LinkMeter daemon no longer drops a pid file in /var/run/linkmeter/pid

For self-builders

If you build your own LinkMeter packages or image, note that there are new patches under openwrt/patches. The 3 200-level patches need to be copied into your wrt tree under feeds/luci/luci/patches. There is no directory there currently, you will need to create it. These address a critical memory leak in the LuCId server and a large performance increase to luci-lib-web on the whole. These patches will be removed as I work to get them accepted into the LuCI project, so if there aren't files matching 2??-luci-*.patch in the HeaterMeter git tree when you pull, they're already in LuCI.

For image flashers

Due to the large number of changes to the base system, it is recommended you flash the entire router image rather than try to update individual packages. You will lose everything in your /root which is the default stashpath so if you want to keep it, remember to copy it off the router before upgrading. The preferred method for upgrading is to ssh into LinkMeter then use the sysupgrade command. As mentioned above, the linkmeter config file is not used any more so it would be a good idea to delete it. Upgrade:

rm /etc/config/linkmeter
sysupgrade && reboot

IMPORTANT Due to a bug in the OpenWrt build process, after the upgrade completes, linkmeterd will still not be configured. To add the configuration to /etc/config/lucid, execute this script:

uci batch << EOF
set lucid.main.threadlimit=2
set lucid.lmserver=daemon
set lucid.lmserver.enabled=1
set lucid.lmserver.slave=linkmeter
set lucid.linkmeter=linkmeterd
set lucid.linkmeter.serial_device=/dev/ttyS1
set lucid.linkmeter.serial_baud=115200
set lucid.linkmeter.rrd_file=/tmp/hm.rrd
set lucid.linkmeter.stashpath=/root
commit lucid
/etc/init.d/lucid restart

Finally, you'll want to upgrade the AVR Firmware as well via the web interface using this HEX file

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