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// Port library interface to SHT11 sensors connected via "something like I2C"
// 2009-02-16 <>
class SHT11 : public Port {
void clock(uint8_t x) const;
void release() const;
uint8_t writeByte(uint8_t value) const;
uint8_t waitAck() const;
uint8_t readByte(uint8_t ack) const;
void start() const;
static void crcCalc(uint8_t x);
static void (*crcFun)(uint8_t);
static uint8_t crc8;
static void enableCRC();
enum { TEMP, HUMI };
uint16_t meas[2];
SHT11 (uint8_t num) : Port (num) { connReset(); }
void connReset() const;
void softReset() const;
uint8_t readStatus() const;
void writeStatus(uint8_t value) const;
uint8_t measure(uint8_t type, void (*delayFun)() =0);
#ifndef __AVR_ATtiny84__
void calculate(float& rh_true, float& t_C) const;
static float dewpoint(float h, float t);
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