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I wrote this framework with the following in mind:

  • User able to run using built in Python 2.* on Debian based systems.
  • User can install all Kali Linux tools and menu.
  • User is able to execute most nmap scans - with explaination of each scan type.
  • Assisted nmap scans with the beginner in mind.
  • Assisted IPtables configuration for MITM attacks.
  • IP forwarding for MITM attacks including configurations for sslstrip.
  • Various assisted MITM attacks built in.
  • Other various tools to assist in network penetration tests.

The idea was to be able to boot a vanilla Debian install and launch this CLI. Without leaving the CLI the user would be able to setup their system and execute MITM attacks on their network. I attempted to make it as user friendly as possible for those learning network attacks.


  • Must be run as root. Everything else should be self explanatory once launched.

-- Happy Hacking

This project is ongoing. Improvements are coming. I also welcome ideas to make it better, more useful etc.

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