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@@ -51,7 +51,6 @@ remember that these take some time to copy, make sure to
have at least double the space on the HDD.
- The application doesn't support re-scaning devices for new PKG files (for now)
-- The application doesn't display a Progress bar (for now)
- The application doesn't support split PKG files (for now)
- The application doesn't have any special GUI (don't know how to, sorry lol)
@@ -62,12 +61,15 @@ Usage:
- Press (X) to Queue the selected PKG.
- Press (O) to Quit and return to XMB.
- Press ([ ]) to Remove the selected PKG from queue.
+- Press [SELECT] to Load "multiMAN".
-1.02 (20130110)
+1.02 (20130111)
+- Added feature to load multiMAN by pressing [SELECT] button.
+- (Makefile) Added MAKE_RELOAD_FSELF using scetool to create RELOAD.SELF on build, making the application compatible with multiMAN.
- Implemented progress bar display while processing PKG(s) file(s).
1.01A (20130109)

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