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Fullstack Blog Application with Prisma 2, Next.js and Docker

Based on Blog Posts at: (coming soon!) (coming soon!)

This repo is for a fullstack javascript application that uses Next.js for server side rendering on the frontend and a GraphQL Yoga server with Prisma 2 on the backend. We use Prisma Studio for an admin portal and a MySQL database.

Here's what the stack looks like:

Our Fullstack Prisma 2 + Next.js Application

What does it look like?

Screenshot of ui

We are building a blog web app based on the example blog project that comes with the Prisma 2 CLI. Here are the actions we can perform from the backend:


  • Read all published blog posts
  • Read all draft blog posts
  • Read all users


  • Create a user
  • Create a blog draft
  • Publish a blog
  • Delete a blog

Obviously in a real application, you’d never allow anyone to see all the users or unpublished blog posts- but doing this for here so we can see all the posts and users as they are created and modified right from our Next.js website.

Helpful commands

In the root directory:

npm run build This will build your frontend, backend and prisma docker containers

npm start This will start up your docker compose docker containers

npm stop This will bring down the cluster and remove containers

npm run clean This will delete all containers, images, docker networks

npm run clean:volumes This will delete all docker volumes

npm run generate This will build the frontend/generated/apollo-components.tsx based on the queries and mutations in the frontend/graphql folder that it will run against the the backend server itself.

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