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=== CaptainCore GUI ===
Author URI:
Plugin URI:
Contributors: austinginder
Tags: hosting, dns, wp hosting, web host, website management, web host business
Requires at least: 3.0.1
Tested up to: 3.4
Stable tag: 4.3
License: GPLv2 or later
License URI:
Toolkit for running your own WordPress hosting business
== Description ==
[CaptainCore GUI]( is a WordPress plugin part of the CaptainCore toolkit (a powerful toolkit for managing WordPress sites via SSH & WP-CLI). Requires a connection with a CaptainCore CLI (see installation notes).
== Installation ==
1. Upload `/captaincore/` to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
3. CaptainCore requires access to a remote server running CaptainCore CLI. Add following auth info to wp-config.php file.
# CaptainCore CLI keys
define( 'CAPTAINCORE_CLI_TOKEN', "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" );
define( 'CAPTAINCORE_CLI_USER', "xxxxxxxx" );
define( 'CAPTAINCORE_CLI_KEY', "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" );
define( 'CAPTAINCORE_CLI_PORT', "xxxxx" );
# CaptainCore B2 keys
define( 'CAPTAINCORE_B2_ACCOUNT_ID', 'xxxxxxxxxxxx' );
define( 'CAPTAINCORE_B2_ACCOUNT_KEY', 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx' );
define( 'CAPTAINCORE_B2_BUCKET_ID', 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx' );
define( 'CAPTAINCORE_B2_SNAPSHOTS', "Bucket/Foldername" );
== Frequently Asked Questions ==
== Screenshots ==
== Changelog ==
= 0.4.2: Apr 22 2019
* New: Sites UI - Timeline tab. Administrators can add new log entrys per site.
* New: Sites UI - Handbook section for administrators.
* New: Sites UI - Screenshot thumbnails of websites are automatically added/updated when synced.
* Tweak: Sites UI - Performance improvement when working with sites. Now only 1 site panel will be open at a time.
* Tweak: Replaced markdown support from using Jetpack plugin to [Parsedown](
* Tweak: Upgrade compatibility for CaptainCore helper v0.2.0
= 0.4.1: Apr 4 2019
* New: Sites UI - Site plan tab for managing hosting plans. Administrators can assign plans per customer which define storage, visits and number of sites usage.
* New: Sites UI - Added button for removing a site.
* New: Sites UI - Added icon to manual sync a site.
* Tweak: Include ACF field groups via PHP.
* Tweak: Removed WooCommerce tab for site health.
* Tweak: Display DNS tab if CONSTELLIX_API_KEY and CONSTELLIX_SECRET_KEY defined.
* Tweak: Display domains on overview page if DNS is defined.
* Tweak: Sites UI - Improve snapshot dialog
* Tweak: Sites UI - Improve font used for code diff
* Tweak: Sites UI - Track Quicksave progress
* Tweak: Sites UI - Specify provider instead of extracting from the address.
* Tweak: Sites UI - Snapshot options
* Fix: Deactivate command passed to CLI
= 0.4.0: Mar 4 2019
* New: Sites UI - Environment support added (themes, plugins, users, updates, scripts, backups and quicksaves)
* New: Sites UI - Label for multisite networks
* New: Support for environments
* New: CLI support for Fathom code
* New: DB method `all`
* Tweak: Sites UI - Improvements to site edit dialog and file diff dialog
* Tweak: Removed legacy subsites support. Subsite should not be added as a seperate site.
* Tweak: Upgraded Vuetify to v1.5.4
* Fix: Sites UI - Staging links.
* Fix: Sites UI - Manage commands to Dispatch server.
= 0.3.3: Feb 9 2019
* New: Sites UI - Fathom tracker
* Tweak: Sites UI - Moved many of the commands like 'Mailgun', 'Site copy' into the background with proper status reporting.
* Tweak: Sites UI - Improve response when and added loading status when listing quicksave changes.
* Tweak: Sites UI - Added feedback to production/staging deployments and adding new sites.
* Fix: Sites UI - Feedback when applying HTTPS urls and creating Snapshots
* Fix: Sites UI - SSH staging port
* Fix: Various PHP errors and warnings.
* Fix: Company Handbook - restore bullets
= 0.3.2: Dec 31 2018 =
* New: Integrated CaptainCore Dispatch
* Tweak: Refactor fetch functions `captaincore_fetch_customer`, `captaincore_fetch_domains` and `captaincore_fetch_sites` to new classes `CaptainCore/Customers`, `CaptainCore/Domains`and `CaptainCore/Sites`
* Tweak: Sites UI - Refactor code into CaptainCore Site class
* Tweak: Sites UI - Load customers and sites with new Rest APIs `captaincore/v1/customers/` and `captaincore/v1/sites/`
* Tweak: Sites UI - Load WP-API nonce before Vue.js mounted lifecycle
* Tweak: Sites UI - Handle errors with jobs. Prompt notice when login failed
* Tweak: Upgraded Vuetify to v1.3.11
* Tweak: Removed phpseclib
= 0.3.1: Dec 3 2018 =
* NEW: Sites UI - Quick logins
* Tweak: Company Handbook - Allow administrators with multiple roles
* Tweak: Sites UI - Mask database passwords
* Tweak: Sites UI - Improve display of roles on user listing
* Tweak: Removed custom post type captcore_server since provider can be inferred directly based off address.
* Tweak: Support for Kinsta .cloud tld
= 0.3.0: October 14 2018 =
* Tweak: Improved feedback from 'usage-update' request.
* Tweak: Password reset bug fix on '/my-account/edit-account/' page.
= 0.2.9: September 26, 2018 =
* NEW: Site class method 'update'
* NEW: Sites UI - Edit site dialog
* NEW: Sites UI - Quicksave check dialog
* NEW: Sites UI - Quicksave compare and highlight changes.
* Tweak: Upgraded Vue.JS to 2.5.17.
* Tweak: Permission bug fixes for Quicksaves.
* Tweak: Fixed bug preventing sites from resetting when cleared.
* Tweak: Housecleaning - Moved files from /inc/ to /includes/.
* Tweak: Sites UI - Email notify after site deployments
= 0.2.8: August 20, 2018 =
* NEW: Overview stats after logged in: "You have access to *** WordPress Sites and DNS for *** domains."
* NEW: Manage DNS - List all domains.
* NEW: Combined interface for listing/managing sites - Combined old site listing and advanced options with new Vue.JS interface.
* NEW: Sites UI - Advanced tab (first draft)
* Tweak: Sites UI - Major improvements for site management. Preparation for adding staging to manage ui, see concept video:
* Tweak: Sites UI - Merged advanced tools with new Vue.JS powered interface: HTTPS dialog, Site copy dialog, Download snapshot dialog, production/staging deployments, usage breakdown dialog, site toggle dialog and Quicksave file diff dialog.
* Tweak: Function `captaincore_fetch_domains` now works with other user roles.
* Tweak: Fixed FontAwesome on backend pages.
* Tweak: Upgraded Vuetify to 1.1.13.
* Tweak: Cleaned up branding.
* Tweak: Renamed WooCommerce endpoint 'manage' to 'sites'. Manage UI is now the Sites page.
* Tweak: Renamed WooCommerce sidebar items. Manage UI to Sites. Manage DNS to DNS. Website Logs to Timeline.
* Tweak: Removed old WooCommerce websites endpoint.
= 0.2.7: August 6, 2018 =
* New: Manage UI - Quicksaves added.
* New: Manage UI - Ability to add new sites.
* New: Function `captaincore_fetch_customer` to populate customer dropdown.
* New: Class for sites.
* New: Added
* New: [Emoji-Log]( to git commits.
* Tweak: Manage UI - Included home url for sites. Added new button "launch sites in browser".
* Tweak: Manage UI - Organized advanced filter options.
* Tweak: Manage UI - Fixed bulk dialog scrolling.
* Tweak: Manage UI - Run site prep after new site added.
* Tweak: Manage UI - New usage stats to site list.
* Tweak: Various improvements when displaying sites for customers.
* Tweak: Cleaned up `captaincore_verify_permissions`
* Tweak: Upgraded Vuetify to 1.1.7.
= 0.2.6: July 15, 2018 =
* New: Custom database tables for update logs and quicksaves. Significant Performance improvements.
* New: Manage UI - Dialog 'Update Settings' to manage autoupdate settings per site.
* New: Manage UI - Button to manually update sites.
* New: Manage UI - Bulk editing UI for themes, plugins and users.
* New: Manage UI - Theme drag and drop upload.
* Tweak: Moved CaptainCore API to custom rest endpoint. Replacing the custom page template API.
* Tweak: Upgraded Vuetify to 1.1.1.
* Tweak: Manage UI - Performance improvement. Fetch users only when tab clicked.
* Tweak: Manage UI - Sort update logs by date
* Tweak: Manage UI - Apply new toolbar headings to themes, users and update tabs.
* Tweak: Manage UI - Improved plugin UI. Now must-use and dropin plugins are displayed below the management tools.
* Tweak: Manage UI - Prep for opening it up to customers
* Tweak: Improved function `captaincore_fetch_sites` to reduce complexity looping through sites which current user has access to.
* Tweak: Removed custom post type Quicksaves. Replaced complex code with new custom table.
* Tweak: Removed need to pass `<git_hash_previous>` with `captaincore quicksave-file-diff`.
= 0.2.5: July 1, 2018 =
* New: Updates tab to Manage UI. Populates using 'update-fetch' cli command.
* New: Users tab to Manage UI. Populates using 'users-fetch' cli command.
* New: Sharing tab to Manage UI.
* New: Command sync-data to CaptainCore API.
* New: WooCommerce tab for site health (GUI for CaptainCore CLI monitor)
* New: Manage UI - Drag and drop uploader for adding plugins.
* New: Navigation toggle icon for WooCommerce my account pages.
* Tweak: Ability to use 'manage' with single command.
* Tweak: Manage UI - Performance improvements to Vue.js filtering by using a computed property
* Tweak: Manage UI - Fix for filtering by theme.
* Tweak: Manage UI - New option to select filtered sites.
* Tweak: Moved Manage UI into WooCommerce endpoint. Removed old custom page template (page-manage.php).
= 0.2.4: June 17, 2018 =
* New: Configurable preinstall plugins to option page.
* Tweak: Improvements to Manage UI. Adds pagination, basic/advanced filter, search by site name, new tabs (themes/plugins) per site. Added ability to manage themes and plugins.
* Tweak: Bug fixes and improvements to DNS editor.
* Tweak: Improvements to Quicksaves UI. File restore now closes open modal. Individual rollback displays response in toast popup.
* Tweak: Updated Materialize to v1.0.0-rc.1 (master branch). Fixes 2 major JS bugs.
* Tweak: Updated commands to new names in 0.2.4 CLI
* Tweak: Upgraded Font Awesome v5 CDN
* Tweak: Limit Materialize css/js to select few pages
* Tweak: Handle redirects of custom WooCommerce endpoints
* Tweak: Quicksaves will now match created time of git commit
* Tweak: Include express checkout payment link when manually sending order invoice for failed orders
= 0.2.3: June 3, 2018 =
* New: Toggle Site on advanced tab
* New: Button "Restore this file" to Quicksaves. Allow restoration of individual files.
* New: Add datapicker to "Download Backup Snapshot" on advanced tab if start backup date exists.
* Tweak: Improvements to Quicksaves UI.
* Tweak: Improvements to usage breakdown section. Sorted sites by name. Moved totals into new total row.
* Tweak: Upgraded to Materialize v1.0.0.-beta
* Tweak: Improved toggle on hosting dashboard for admins
= 0.2.2: May 20, 2018 =
* New: Site Copy to advanced tab
* New: Apply HTTPS to advanced tab
* New: Email when site copy completes
* Tweak: Cleaned up Quicksaves interface
* Tweak: Organized advanced tab links
* Tweak: Consistent button styling throughout advanced tab
* Tweak: B2 Snapshots now configurable from wp-config constant CAPTAINCORE_B2_SNAPSHOTS
* Tweak: Renamed various internal functions to captaincore prefix
= 0.2.1: May 8, 2018 =
* New: New button to deploy Mailgun
* New: Automatically add Mailgun subdomain to relating domain during Mailgun setup
* New: Added icons website actions
* Tweak: Updated to new quicksave format
* Tweak: Removed need of "ACF Enhanced Message Field" plugin
* Tweak: Renamed "Load Configs" to "Website Actions"
* Tweak: Renamed install field to site
* Fix: Bug causing site launch date to reset
= 0.2.0: April 22, 2018 =
* Tweak: Renamed plugin from CaptainCore Server to CaptainCore GUI
* Tweak: Renamed various commands to match CaptainCore CLI
* Tweak: Removed subsites from showing in main website list
* Fix: Removed additional pages from being picked up by Google. Added new 404 errors to remove existing pages from Google search results.
* Fix: CaptainCore API - Select site based on title rather then search. Prevents incorrect selection.
= 0.1.8: April 8, 2018 =
* New: Manage (admins only) - Replaced manage concept with entirely new version rewritten with Vue.js and Vuetify
* Tweak: Locked down quicksave and snapshot CPTs
* Tweak: Manage DNS - display improvements for srv records
* Tweak: Manage DNS - support for adding/editing srv records
* Tweak: Manage DNS - display fix when creating initial records
* Tweak: Allow json data with escaping to be stored in database.
* Tweak: Increased font size on Quicksaves for better readability
* Fix: Permission fix for non administrators with remote commands
= 0.1.7: March 25, 2018 =
* New: Manage (admins only) - Filter and selecting sites for bulk actions, commands and scripts.
* Tweak: Visually highlighted admin pages on WooCommerce my account tabs
= 0.1.6: March 18, 2018 =
* New: Rollback entire quicksave
* New: Licenses keys page viewable from hosting dashboard for granted users
* Tweak: Renamed Anchor DNS to Manage DNS
* Tweak: Reworked custom /my-account/ endpoints to load earlier
* Tweak: Styled progress bars
* Tweak: DNS Manager - Automatically add trailing dot when missed for cname and aname records
* Tweak: DNS Manager - Detect duplicate txt records and autocorrect
* Fix: Moved custom /my-account/ endpoints checks to load later
* Fix: DNS Manager - Filter out deleted sites from DNS list
= 0.1.5: March 11, 2018 =
* New: Website logs - displays report of actual work done
* New: Quicksave link to manually check for file changes
* New: Merge process functionality `captaincore_merge_process( $process_id_source, $process_id_destination )`
* Tweak: Added website logs for inactive sites
* Fix: Renamed process role taxonomy for new CPT name
* Fix: Only include Jetpack markdown if available
* Fix: Prevent duplicate quicksaves from being generated
* Fix: Renamed CPT on quicksave report
* Fix: Process log menu tab
* Fix: Website bulk actions for new CPT name
= 0.1.4: March 4, 2018 =
* New: Mailgun logs added to hosting dashboard advanced page
* New: Added fields to sites for plugins, themes, core and home url.
* Tweak: Revisions to single process template. In header there is now a button to go back to all processes and an icon next to the log completion button.
* Tweak: Updated CaptainCore API to auto update site info (plugins, themes, core and home url) when making a Quicksave
* Tweak: Matched CaptainCore CLI changes to `captaincore site` commands
* Tweak: Prefill database fields on staging
* Tweak: Reduced header spacing on WooCommerce pages
* Fix: Incorrect named post types in CaptainCore API
= 0.1.3: February 25, 2018 =
* New: Email after Kinsta deployment completed
* New: Quicksave file diff command
* New: Preload snapshot dialog with current user email address
* New: Kinsta push staging to production
* New: Options to control basic info displayed on CaptainCore Client
* Tweak: Improvements to Quicksave view changes. It now slides open a separate panel.
* Tweak: Switched staging urls to https on hosting dashboard
* Tweak: Standardized custom post type names
* Tweak: Display staging database info on hosting dashboard
* Tweak: REST API adjustments for 'paid by' and 'address' fields
* Tweak: Changed WordPress plugin titles to 'CaptainCore Server'
* Fix: Kinsta staging urls on hosting dashboard
= 0.1.2: February 18, 2018 =
* New: Rollbacks for quicksave themes and plugins
* New: Quicksave highligher now displays removed themes and plugins
* New: On hosting dashboard there is now an advanced option page
* New: Hide passwords on hosting dashboard with automatic reveal on hover
* New: Report to track Quicksaves per site
* Tweak: Improvements to Quicksave highligher
* Tweak: Moved most of the hosting dashboard features over to the advanced option page
* Tweak: Improvements to the single process template header. Moved log Completion button into header.
* Tweak: Renamed Anchor API to CaptainCore API
* Tweak: Switched CaptainCore API to POST request to handle larger payloads
* Tweak: Added css versioning directly to file rather then querystring.
* Fix: Highlight fixes. Only highlight theme/plugin version or status.
= 0.1.1: February 11, 2018 =
* New: Quicksaves feature - Daily version history for themes, plugins and core
* New: Moved all admin menu under single CaptainCore menu
* New: Pulled in CSS styles from original child theme
* New: Pulled in JS from original child theme
* Tweak: Updated delete command format
* Tweak: Upgraded to FontAwesome v5
* Tweak: Improved layout of database and ssh info on hosting dashboard
* Tweak: Improved menu tabs to display on edit/post/list screens
* Tweak: Consolidated backup template into Anchor API
* Fix: DNS record count while viewing individual domain
* Fix: Snapshot from backend
* Fix: WooCommerce submenu styling issue
= 0.1.0: February 4, 2018 =
* CaptainCore is born.
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