Clustered image upload using Node.js and Express framework
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Node.js Image Webservice

Coded by Christian

A clustered image webservice using redis as database - written for Node.js


  • Upload service
  • Download service
  • Viewing service
  • Statistics service
  • Metrics service
  • Redis as database


  • Setup configuration in exo.js file (local directories and redis info)
  • Make sure redis is running
  • Run node exo.js through terminal
  • The webservice will print start time and date, navigate to (port can be change in exo.js)
  • A simple form has been implemented, so it's possible to test before implementing it. As of now, the service will return a HTTP Response code 200 with a JSON object containing the image id (same used for storing the image) after a picture has been uploaded. It's possible to change the number of characters in the id by extending the loop in which the id is generated.

The service will spawn a cluster with N number of child-process (based on CPU cores), each process will compete for a connection - balancing the load.


To retrieve an image in a response use GET

To upload an image, use POST

To download an image, use GET

To retrieve image statistics use GET

To retrieve server metrics use GET


  • Implementation of more view functions (view specific image, view all, view based on date)
  • Scoring system, showing most popular first (today, week, month, all-time)
  • Add existing ID check to avoid images being overwritten.