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mobile Hotfix app name Nov 26, 2018


An application developed by university students, for university students.


This projects needs some requirements that need to be downloaded.

  • Expo Android - iOS - Installed in your own device.
  • Docker Ubuntu - MacOS/Win - Used to Configure the environment
  • Python - To get ip by script and optimize QR Code reading on Docker container


The project is setup with Docker. running make will install and build the project and dependencies. This step depends of internet bandwith and cpu, maybe last around 5 minutes to download all dependencies for development, but after downloaded make will be much faster.


to get the containers down

make down

Inside docker's container, execute yarn start to run the react-native app. Then just get your camera and point to the QR Code on the terminal, this will launch Expo app in your device and build the project.

yarn start

Development Environment

Inside mobile directory, must have a .env file similar a file called env.mock-reference in the same directory. In order to maintain correct domains for external api paths.

Acessando variáveis de ambiente

// must print a url similar to:

Mocked development

In order to easier the development conflicts about external APIs, it is introduced a external mocked backend. More info

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