A quick physics game called Turntable.
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For a more refined version of Turntable, check out 'Game_Arcade'.

Turntable is a physics game inspired by pinball, pachinko and peggle but with a twist. The goal of the game is to get the high score by guiding the balls into the corresponding score pockets. Lose all three lives by letting them fall into the side pockets and you’ve lost.

Once it was decided that the mechanic of the game was to turn the table. The art style followed by turning it into a pun. Therefore, creating pieces that are inspired by a dj’s turntables. This version of the game does not save your score. However, the version featured in 'Game_Arcade' does.

Turntable was a solo project developed using Unity and Photoshop. While I can take credit for game design and programming, I do not and can not take credit for the art and audio work in Turntable.