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This file outlines how to publish a new release to Maven Central.


  • You will need the Carbonado GPG key and passphrase to continue. Contact @jesterpm or @pranaydalmia to obtain them.

  • You will need an account with Sonatype Nexus. You can create that here. Contact @jesterpm or @pranaydalmia for access to the Carbonado repository.


  1. Increment the version number appropriately. Use Semantic Versioning.

    VERSION=1.2.4 mvn versions:set -DnewVersion=$VERSION

  2. Verify the release and make sure all is well.

    mvn clean verify -P release

  3. Commit and tag the latest release.

    git commit -am "Release $VERSION" git tag -a v$VERSION -m "Release $VERSION"

  4. Deploy to Sonatype:

    mvn clean deploy -P release

  5. Push commit and tag to GitHub

    git push origin master git push origin v$VERSION

  6. Create a new Releases on GitHub. Use the tag you just created and optionally include a change log. Attach the compiled, sources, and javadoc jar files, along with the .asc signature files.