Java Bolt Sample App V3
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Java Bolt Sample App V3

Bolt v3 Desktop Client

To run, you need Java 1.8 installed:

java -jar tokenmux-service-java-desktop-client-3.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

Log output will end up in bolt.log in the current directory.


base.url = {obtain from support team}
api.key = {obtain from support team} = {obtain from support team}
hsn = {obtain from support team}
connect.force = true
readcard.include.signature = true
readcard.amount.display = true = true
readcard.beep = false
readcard.aid = credit
readmanual.include.signature = true = true
readmanual.beep = false
authcard.include.signature = true
authcard.amount.display = true
authcard.beep = false =
authcard.aid = credit
authcard.include.avs = true = true
authcard.capture = true
authmanual.include.signature = true
authmanual.amount.display = true
authmanual.beep = false =
authmanual.include.avs = true
authmanual.include.cvv = true
authmanual.capture = true

See for more details.