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The sc-hsm-embedded project implements a light-weight cryptographic middleware for the SmartCard-HSM and selected STARCOS signature cards, in particular

  • the SmartCard-HSM in its various versions and hardware platforms,
  • the signature card from the Bundesnotarkammer (2014, Starcos 3.5),
  • the D-TRUST card 3.0 (2011, Starcos 3.4),
  • (? the current Signtrust/Bundesnotarkammer card (2009, Starcos 3.2)) and
  • the DGN HBA (2014, Starcos 3.5)

While the module was initially developed for embedded systems, it can also be used on Linux, Windows and MacOSX systems. This wiki contains information and additional details about the supported interfaces of the sc-hsm-embedded library.

PKCS11 - Crypto interface for Windows, Linux, MacOSX and embedded systems

CSP-Minidriver - Crypto interface for Windows 7, 8 and 10 applications

CT-API - Low-Level APDU Interface for embedded systems

An installer for Windows 32/64 can be downloaded here. Please follow the included README.txt.

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