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@KtorZ KtorZ released this 15 Feb 17:33
· 693 commits to master since this release

Photo: Mark Harpur


  • Extended the local-tx-submission protocol with a new EvaluateTx query which evaluates execution units of scripts present in a transaction. This effectively piggybacks on the Alonzo's tools from the cardano-ledger while providing a more user-friendly interface regarding network parameters. The API offers well-detailed errors and an interface similar to the SubmitTx. See discussion on #172 (:bulb: @mmahut)

  • New rewardsProvenance' query coming as a replacement for the now-deprecated rewardsProvenance query. See discussion on #171 (:bulb: @renesecur)

  • TypeScript Support for the new evaluateTx query in the TxSubmissionClient & repl.

  • TypeScript Support for the new rewardsProvenance' query as rewardsProvenanceNew in the StateQueryClient & repl.


  • Added transaction id as part of the successful response to a SubmitTx. While this is technically a breaking-change, it was introduced in a backward-compatible way. Existing applications using the existing SubmitTx query will see no change and will keep receiving successes as "SubmitSuccessful" text responses. However, queries which pass transactions using the submit field (instead of the currently expected bytes field) will receive, on success, an augmented response which contains a transaction id "SubmitSuccessful": { "txId": "..." }. See discussion on #174 (:bulb: @rumourscape).

  • Improved error reporting for the SubmitTx protocol which should gives a little clearer errors for ill-formed transactions.

  • ⚠️ TypeScript Renamed client's TxSubmission/errors.ts into TxSubmission/submissionErrors.ts. Similarly, the submission are also now nested under a submissionErrors field in the TxSubmission top-level object.