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YouTube percentages not used #24

dbarlett opened this Issue · 8 comments

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Dylan Barlett Eduardo Cereto Carvalho dijust
Dylan Barlett

I followed the example in the readme to add percentages: [25, 50, 75, 90] to the _gasTrackYoutube call, but did not see any percentage events in GA. Stepping thru in Firebug showed that lines 209-215 of youtube.js result in opts = {} and thus opts['percentages'] = [].

Eduardo Cereto Carvalho

I can't reproduce this. It works for me. I'll close this because it doesn't have enough information. opts is not overwritten if you send a parameter to _gasTrackYoutube. You can either reopen it with an example of a page that is broken or a pull request of the supposed fix.

You should not see youtube.js on Firebug. You should use one of the compiled files from the Download page:

Dylan Barlett

Can you provide a working example page so I can determine if my browsers are at fault?

Example page:

Steps to reproduce:
1. Copy unminified gas.js to server.
2. Supply percentages in call to _gasTrackYoutube per readme.
3. Start and pause video.
4. Observe that GET requests are made to __utm.gif with play and pause events, as expected. Confirm that events are shown in Google Analytics.
5. Observe no GET requests are made with percentage events, and no events are shown in GA.

1. Set breakpoint on line 1534 of gas.js
2. Watch value of opts = Object { force=false, category="YouTube Video", percentages=[0]}

Eduardo Cereto Carvalho eduardocereto reopened this
Eduardo Cereto Carvalho

You're right. Thanks for pointing it out. I think I need some sleep.

Eduardo Cereto Carvalho

I just uploaded v1.8 with this fix. Let m know if that works for you.

Dylan Barlett

Thanks for the fix. gas.js downloads fine, but gas.min.js results in File was not found.



This is still a problem for me. Was this fix ever confirmed?


Dylan Barlett

Works for me, calling v1.10.1 from cdnjs.

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