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An emergency script to clone the results of the "all" search for AHRQ sites taken down


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AHRQ Mirror Project

Update: Success! We believe that we have mirrored the critical resourcces from AHRQ's The files exists in this repo, but if you want to browse the raw files (and they are raw files), you can visit these two sites:

This is a project to backup important resources from and The reasons for this are explained here:

Project by data journalists working at CareSet Systems

General functions


  • get_guidelines.php - A simple script that downloads all guidelines search results
  • extract_guideline_links.php - Once get_guidelines.php is run, use this to download from wayback, the latest version of guidelines. Create guideline_links.csv which shows what was gettable and how old it was.
  • guidelines_links.csv - shows the guidelines and which timestamp that wayback machine got for them.
  • - contains the actual mirror

Measures Clearinghouse

Measures inventory

Expert Commentary

There are three sections of commentary and synthesis that appear to be original articles hosted on these websites. The urls are:

These are backed up by downloading the main page to the one_off_mirror directory and then parsing that html for links that match pattern in the all of the urls.

manual backups

  • one_off_mirror - things I thought were worth downloading that do not belong anywhere else


An emergency script to clone the results of the "all" search for AHRQ sites taken down







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