A WordPress plugin for setting the default PMPro membership level for new posts of any post type.
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PMPro Default Level

A WordPress plugin and addon for Paid Memberships Pro that allows you to set the default PMPro level requirements for new pages, posts, or any custom post type.


  • Set the default level per post type (i.e. different post types can have different defaults)
  • Easily copy settings from and to post types if you have a lot of them
  • Reset level requirements for an existing post to the configured defaults.
  • Reset level requirements for new post to the configured defaults after changing but before saving.
  • Tools to reset all existing posts en masse to their configured default access levels (optionally filtered by post type).
  • Set WP_DEBUG to true for debug output on the "PMPro Default Levels" settings page.


  • PHP 5.4+
  • The paid-memberships-pro WP plugin must be installed and activated.
    • Tested with versions and Should work with all recent versions.
  • The pmpro-cpt paid PMPro add-on must be installed and activated if you want to set the default access level for custom post types as well.


  • Only effects new posts created via the editor in the WP backend. I.e. does not affect posts created dynamically e.g. by other plugins.
    • Gutenburg support has not been tested. It should work if gutenburg is backwards compatible with custom admin meta boxes which is what PMPro uses for the "Require Membership" box


  • Support dynamically generated posts as well.
  • Explicitly support Gutenburg

Release notes


  • Add support to reset all posts (or all posts in a certain post type) to their configured default access levels


  • Updated project license.


  • Added support to for setting defaults per custom post type.
  • Added ability to reset new post to defaults after changing but before saving.


  • Initial release; extracted from internal project
  • Cleaned up syntax and styling
  • Also show on edit page w/ link to reset


This project is licensed under the MIT open source license.

Read the full license here