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client checklist:
release on talk submission
data driven schedule, api (json)
AV - audio
slide show for between talks
title slide for videos
room access times
everything: default host/port
dvsource-dvgrab - save unmixed stream
dvsink-file - default file name: yyyy-mm-ddd/hh_mm_ss.i.dv
Show twinpact feed on slave display.
note: slave display is also used to play a sponsor slide roll between talks.
chrome - figure out file formats
how to keep it from being so agressive about buffering if Play isn't hit
store images of recording sheets
next/prev (match recording sheet: same room/day)
split long talk (tutorials) into parts.
error handeling:
log error, continue with next episode.
encode errors:
inkscape svg/png fail
input files missing
encoder fail
webm parameters
command line parameter to set cfg file.
give test script its own cfg
upload category - needs default
upload to youtube
use testing server for testing
delete old when replaced by new encode.
upload in draft state:
it is not meant for public viewing yet.
there is no security blocking access
if you have the URL, you can view it
presenters will be mailed the URL, they can pass it on if they want.
at some point we will want everone to see it, the we flip from draft to public
YouTube: access control settings - needs to be implemnted.
archive: not sure there is a UI for people to use, so dooesn't matter
richard: state:2 api is broken.
soften jump cuts
create list of cut times relitive to start of final video
- mainly used for Lighting talks to index each talk
credits - hold for a few seconds at end.
channel_copy - document and verify current behaviour
Linux, DVswitch, Python, Django, MLT
recording sheets:
[x] over time (adjust before addeps to suck in the extras)
audio on R or L
live cd: mainly for slave
user in video group
sudo apt-get install openssh-server dvsource kino mplayer
avahi to find dvswitch
title screen preview
email to presenters before the show
dvswitch process management:
bug people:
Tim A to fix Kill button
Ryan V
get scripts propperly checked into veyepr repo
make sure his scripts to use _ in dv filenames
for unit tests:
get sphinx or some such speach recognition packaged and in a PPA
sphinx2-bin fell out of the ubuntu repos due to not being maintained.
state of the art is not a requirement
it just needs to recognize a simple phrase, like
"go forward 10 meeters"
which gets encoded and demuxed back out
to make sure the encoder didn't muck it up.
Need a place to host transcriptions
mix transcriptions with video for sub titling
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