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Episode = Event = One talk/tutorial/keynote/file/upload.

Episode can have many Authors. probably fine to have a long string and just list them “Larry, Culley, Moe” – unless we are going to track Author bios or something, then we need a child table with a reference to the Author info.

Episode can have chapters – is that part of the cut list?

Episode can be canceled. This should be tracked to help answer “Where is the footage for this?”

One Episode can be encoded to many formats (low/high/mp3…) – each one needs to be uploaded, maybe announced.

Titles need a audio track. or the mp3 version should skip the title time. Maybe replace the first X seconds of video with the title slide and hope that the audio is “this is FOO talk by Mr BILL.” sponsored by? “Brought to you by a donation from Google”

processes processor

Meeting Venue Requirements