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Shopping list

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List of suppliers (stores to buy the materials)


Description Quantity
M3x18mm 43
M3x10mm 16
M3x20mm 4
M3x8mm 6
M3x25mm 5
Grub screw (headless) M3x4mm 3


Description Quantity
M3 8
M8 6


Description Quantity
M3 67
M8 11
M8 locknut 2


Description Quantity
LM8UU 11
B608ZZ 5

Smooth rods

Description Quantity
8x210mm 2
8x150mm 2
8x250mm 2

Threaded rods

Description Quantity
M8x205mm 1
M8x290mm 1
M8x95mm 1


Description Quantity
Endstop switch 2
Electronics board (Mega3D, RAMPS, etc) 1
12V power supply (min. 2 Amp) 1
Springs * 4
Main base (wood or plexiglass sheet). 280x250mm Drilling template 1
Work base (wood or plexiglass sheet). 215x120mm Drilling template 1
Tube for vacuum attachment. 12x16x50mm 1 metro
NEMA 17 motors 3
Wire management tube 1 metro
Probe cable with crocodile clip ends 1

* The springs must have the following parameters. The most important check is that they can freely slide a M8 threaded rod.

Length: 15mm
Outer diameter: 11mm
Wire diameter: 1mm
Turns: 5 (near values are also ok)
End type: closed and not ground (grounded ends get stuck more easily)

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