Low-cost 3D-printable binaural microphone
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Low-cost 3D-printable binaural microphone.

Project presented at OSHWDem 2015 (Open Source Hardware Demonstration in A Coruña, Spain) and Maker Faire Bilbao 2015. First featured in Hackaday

Assembly instructions

Click here for the full assembly instructions

Demo recordings

Assembled OpenBinaural microphone:


3D-printable ears

The left and right ears, and the potentiometer knob can be 3D-printed in PLA or ABS. Flexible materials may create more realistic effects!
The support for the ears can be laser-cut out of 3mm plywood (DXF file) or 3D printed (STL file).


Tripod mount detail:

The metal insert can be found in eBay as 1/4" to 3/8" convert screw


The KiCad sources for the electronics can be found in the Electronics folder.
Here are the schematic and layout.
The Gerber files, B/W layout in PDF, and CNC gcode files can be found here.


Detailed ear canal


Where to buy

I currently have no plans to sell this microphone, it has an open license so anyone can build it or sell it (as long as they provide attribution and publish their modifications as open too).
Please refer to the following links if you just need a binaural microphone that works out of the box:


Author & license

Author: Carlos Garcia Saura (https://github.com/CarlosGS/)
License: CC-BY-SA (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/)