GRASS-GIS scripts, add-ons, etc
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GRASS-GIS scripts, add-ons, etc.

This is just my local repository.
You can check all the add-ons can at the GRASS Wiki.

r_roughness_vector was used in my paper on surface roughness methods in geomorphology. Originally a bash script, it was ported to python with the help of Helmut Kudrnovsky.

  • Grohmann, C.H., Smith, M.J. & Riccomini, C., 2011. Multiscale Analysis of Topographic Surface Roughness in the Midland Valley, Scotland. Geoscience and Remote Sensing, IEEE Transactions on, 49:1200-1213.

r_denoise_py is a port of r.denoise from bash to python. Originally written by John Stevenson, its purpose is to remove noise (smooth/despeckle) from topographic data, particular DEMs derived from radar data (including SRTM), using Xianfang Sun's denoising algorithm. It is designed to preserve sharp edges and to denoise with minimal changes to the original data. Further information on Sun's denoising algorithm, including an example, is available here.