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Dotnet 2019 Talk - Asp.Net Core Good Practices in 2019
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Asp.Net Core Good Practices 2019 Talk


Carlos Landeras - Web Team Lead at Plain Concepts ( Github / Twitter)

Luis Ruiz Pavón - DevSecOps Lead at Plain Concepts ( Github / Twitter)

Talk Agenda:

  • Code instrumentation using System Diagnostics
  • Application resilience strategies
  • Asp.Net Core HealthChecks and Kubernetes (Readiness and Liveness Probes) for high availability and resilience
  • Problem Details RFC 7807
  • Asp.Net Core ApiController and ApiBehaviourOptions (Convention over Configuration)
  • HttpContext Pipelines
  • Endpoint Routing
  • Endpoint Authorization (decoupled from MVC)
  • Docker testing strategies
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