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Doubly-Linked List implementation with Java.
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Doubly-Linked List implementation with Java using Eclipse, Maven, JUnit, SonarQube and JaCoCo.

Nested Class Summary

private class DLNode<E>

Field Summary

- DLNode<T> first
- DLNode<T> last

Constructor Summary

+ DLList()

Method Summary

+ boolean isEmpty()
+ int listSize()
+ T first()
+ T last()
- void verifySize(int size, int position)
- DLNode<T> getNodeAtPosition(int position)
+ T getElementAtPosition(int position)
+ void setElementAtPosition(int position, T element)
- void insertElementAtEmpty(T element)
+ void insertElementBeforePosition(T element, int position)
+ void insertElementAfterPosition(T element, int position)
+ void insertFirst(T element)
+ void insertLast(T element)
+ void deleteFirst()
+ void deleteLast()
+ void deleteElementAtPosition(int position)
+ String toString()
+ String toStringReverse()
+ void showList()
+ void showReverseList()

Implementation by Carlos Morente Lozano (SW-A)

JUnit testing by David Rubio Cortés (SW-A)

JaCoCo coverage report is in folder jacoco. Use to have a look at the results in your web browser, or check the screenshots in the root of the repo. You can generate your own report by running "mvn install".

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