Sortable Posts For WordPress adds sorting functionality to any post type's edit screen.
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Sortable Posts

Sortable Posts is a small plugin for WordPress that adds sortability to post types and taxonomies from the admin panel.

Version: 1.1.4
Requires at least: 4.4
Tested up to: 4.6 License: GPLv2 or later


Sortable Posts requires the REST API that is currently being merged into 4.4. To install Sortable Posts, unzip the "sortable-posts" folder to your plugins directory, and activate.

What Sortable Posts Does

Sortable Posts uses and easy to use drag and drop ui to allow users to update the order of posts and taxonomy terms. Sortable Posts automatically arranges your posts and taxonomy terms on the frontend to match the order on the backend as well.

Using Sortable Posts In Your Theme / Plugin

Sortable Posts currently allows users to add post types to the list of sortable post types and taxonomies by either adding them in the options panel or by adding them via a custom filter. Should you want to add them via a filter you can use the sortable_post_types for posts and the sortable_taxonomies filter for taxonomies.

	add_filter( 'sortable_post_types', 'add_sortable_post_types' );
	function add_sortable_post_types( $types ) {
		$types = array_merge( $types, array( 'your_custom_post_type' ) );
		return $types;
	add_filter( 'sortable_taxonomies', 'add_sortable_taxes' );
	function add_sortable_taxes( $taxes ) {
		$taxes = array_merge( $taxes, array( 'your_taxonomy' ) );
		return $taxes;

Overriding the default sort functionality for posts

Sortable Posts changes the default 'order_by' parameter of all queries using a post type that has been made sortable just to make things easier. However, should you wish to override that functionality simply override it in your WP_Query.

	$query = new WP_Query( array(
		'post_type'		=> $sortable_post_type,
		'order_by'		=> 'title'

Overriding the default sort functionality for taxonomies

Sortable Posts automatically orders your taxonomy's terms on the frontend as well as on the backend. If you wish to disable this feature you can change the orderby field in your query to order your terms by any of the default taxonomy orderby parameters.

	$args = array(
		'orderby'	=> 'name',
	$terms = get_terms( 'your_taxonomy', $args );

Remove the settings page in your themes

The settings page can now easily be removed so that your client or users don't have the ability to change which post types and taxonomies are sortable. To remove the settings page simply add the following code to your functions.php template file.

	function remove_sortable_posts_settings() {
		return false;
	add_filter( 'sortable_posts_settings', 'remove_sortable_posts_settings' );



  • improvement: add translation to settings page tab
  • fix: body class was being merged with other plugins with use the admin_body_class hook causing the JS to fail.
  • improvement: allow for the use of pages and posts post types as well.
  • improvement: add support for 4.6


  • fix: settings issue causing php warning when no post types are saved.
  • fix: settings page for taxonomies works even when given an associative array. Props @mcguffin
  • fix: change sql to seach in wpdb posts table and not just posts table. Props @mcguffin
  • improvement: add translation to settings page.
  • improvement: load settings only on admin side. Props @mcguffin
  • improvement: add new filter sortable_posts_settings which allows devs to remove settings page if set to false. Props @mcguffin


  • fix broken saving.
  • improvement: stop sql from injecting when saving order
  • add activation hook that flushes rewrite rules for older installs


  • fix issue with sortable posts looking for assets in the wrong folder.
  • update docblocks


  • remove using WP_REST_Controller class because it was not included in 4.4


  • add sortable taxonomies with the help of the WordPress 4.4 term metadata improvements.
  • updated plugin to use REST API to power its ajax.
  • visual modifications to the post edit screen.
  • added an alert message when the sort update succeeds or fails.
  • initial commit for plugin version