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A modular take on a traditional to-do list app built with React.
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Waker - A time management app designed for early birds

Waker is a to-do list app with additional functionalities. The goal of the project was to facilitate morning routine planning by providing a UI built to handle rapid schedule changes. Easily create tasks, delete and edit their time lengths, and drag and drop to sort them into your schedule as you see fit.


  • Create tasks to populate your task pool
  • Delete tasks as needed
  • Filter for your favorite tasks
  • Drag and drop tasks into calendar zone
  • Sort multiple tasks by dragging and dropping
  • Increase or decrease the time intervals of tasks with interactive buttons
  • All tasks in your task pool and calendar are saved in localStorage for easy access.

Important things to note:

  • This app uses the React-DnD library, which relies on the HTML5 drag and drop API.
  • This means that the app will not work devices with touchscreens.
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