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Digitized Materials Quality Control Workflow

Below is a working draft of the phases and individual steps we take upon receiving digitized material on hard drives from our digitization vendors (specs for reformatting are available here). For ease and control, batches of information are based on the hard drive they arrived on. We track the progress of the hard drive as it moves through the steps in a shared tracking document, gathering additional information (or exceptions) as necessary.

The ultimate goal following QC is to move materials into an Asset Staging area, where they will be uploaded, along with any additional metadata records, into our Digital Asset Management System (DAMS) for access and transcoding for distribution.

Step # Phase File Location Activity Tool
QC-001 Receive harddrive from vendor Vendor harddrive Make sure both the harddrive and the box are labeled with content, vendor, and date information. Confirm that what was expected from the vendor was received.
QC-002 Receive harddrive from vendor Vendor harddrive Verify content on the drive matches what the vendor was supposed to send. Refer to the Statement of Work and existing project management documents.
QC-003 Receive harddrive from vendor Vendor harddrive Confirm with vendor that the harrdrive was safely received. If there are missing files on the harddrive, notify the vendor in writing immediately.
QC-004 Integrity checking Vendor harddrive Generate CHECKSUM A on all files on harrdrive, stored in a CSV file. OR
QC-005 Basic QC Vendor harddrive Perform aural and visual QC review on selected files (25% of total assets). Identify and flag issues for review.
QC-006 Metadata Quality and Conformance Checking Vendor harddrive Audit the technical metadata against requested specifications and save conformance reports (pass/fail per batch). MDQC and exploring MediaConch
QC-007 Transfer Vendor harddrive Transfer files from harddrive to Server
QC-008 Integrity checking Server Generate CHECKSUM B on all transferred files on Server OR
QC-009 Integrity checking Server Run the script that compares CHECKSUM A (from the harddrive) with CHECKSUM B (on the server) (Server)
QC-010 Filename audit/metadata matching Server Run the script which associates filenames with performance metadata. This script also identifies unmatched event IDs to be cross-checked to ensure no content are missing from the digitized material. Filenames are modified. Does not apply to those files that are not related to events. metadata-matching
QC-011 Embed metadata Server Embed selected metadata field values into audio, video, still images
QC-012 DAMS ingest prep Server Create metadata CSV for DAMS ingest template
QC-013 DAMS ingest prep Server Copy to the destination folder and collapse harddrive-dictated hierarchy