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receive line's webhook and return rumor's checking result.
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You should have a PostgreSQL database running. For those not familiar with PostgreSQL, you can follow the documentation.


fill every necessary environment variables in config/application.yml.example, and rename it to

mv config/application.yml.example config/application.yml

Make sure you're using Ruby 2.5.1. then follow the usual Rails project installation steps:

gem install bundler # if you just install ruby 2.5.1
bundle install
rake db:create
rake db:migrate # in fact, schema is empty but if you skip this step, it might complain.

You can first run it on local site via command

rails s

You should also start sidekiq in another shell so that the jobs will be processed

bundle exec sidekiq

and if you'd like to test webhook from Line - Yes, you might need to setup line developer account and turn on every needed settings - Which I believe you've done at step 0 config/application.yml, now you can start to test by using ngrok, the tool is amazingly simple and helpful.

Now, have fun with your own rumor-checker :)

Run with docker-compose

docker-compose run web rake db:create db:migrate
docker-compose up


The project is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.

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