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Somebody Beer Me

## Discover your new favourite beer! ##

What is Somebody Beer Me?

Somebody Beer Me is an app that uses your location services to find nearby places to drink and what drinks they have. Using Google Places API it returns the nearest 20 pubs and bars. The user can browse the pubs, their beers and let others know what they think when they check in!

What makes Somebody Beer Me better than other beer apps?

Somebody Beer Me allows users to see what beers are available in what pubs first, rather than only locating the pubs with no information about what's on offer.

Great! So how can I use it?

Glad to hear you're on board! Signing up is easy, just head to []( to create an account. Log in and you'll be taken the the Find a Pub page. Wait for the location services to kick in and find a pub near you! Click on that pub to see what they've got in.

Somebody Beer Me relies on user input, so if any user has never been to that pub before, no beers will show up. Don't be shy - be the first to check in and let everyone know what's available!

You can view beers and see what others have to say about them, too. You can even search for them. In the beta version of Somebody Beer Me you'll be able to search for a beer and see what pubs have them in - just watch this space!

If you're drinking a beer that isn't in the database, just add it using the 'Add New Beer' button on the pub's page. Fill in the details (as accurately as possible, please) and you're doing a favour to other beer drinkers :)

Wireframes and Design Ideas

I had quite a clear idea of what I wanted, so I have a few sketches of various pages here:

      • I M A G E S - - -

Technology Used

  • Rails 4
  • HTML5 & SCSS
  • Zurb Foundation
  • Google Places API
  • Devise
  • Pushy Menu
  • jQuery


Publicly accessible repo for my Ruby on Rails app 'Somebody Beer Me'



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