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Tech used:

MEAN stack - MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, Node.js ZURB Foundation v5.3 Pushy menu MetOffice Datapoint API for weather updates

The idea:

I spend a lot time out in the countryside, and thought about how I could mix the outdoors with technology. How much fun would it be to have people come along and have a bit of space and freedom to experiment with building farming-related robots, or use sensors and all sorts of hardware. And thus was born.

It's a small patch of land (currently covered in brambles) that has scope to be something a little more interesting over time, especially if you like digging, ploughing and burning. The website is a place for people who are interested to upload their project ideas, from concept through to completion and gives people to see what everyone else is working on.

General approach:

I started this project using Express rendering EJS views. I worked on the HTML markup first so I knew where each bit was going to be on the page. Once I got the interactive wireframe working, I started working on getting the info on the page. This is when I realised that I wasn't using AngularJS, so I took a big step backwards and remade the site in a more Angularified way. I split the project into two halves, the backend and front-end.

Installation instructions

npm install nodemon app.js

User stories

A User must be able to register and log in to the site so they can upload their own project A User must be able to upload a project to the site to share with other users what they are doing. A User must be able to edit their project should they wish to A User must be able to delete their project should they wish to


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