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Yet another blog engine(for tutorial purpose) source code in liftweb
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I found playframework use yabe as its tutorial application. It is quite helpful for beginners who want to study playframework.

For me, liftweb’s comet feature is very attractive. This is the reason that I want to learn liftweb.

Currently, the documentation of liftweb is a mass. So I want to do a tutorial about how to implement yabe in liftweb.

Here is the source code about the application. I am going to start to write the tutorial later.

The source code is placed at

Hope peoples who want to start to learn liftweb will like it. 

Here is also a demo app of yabe-lift at . You 

can login to admin panel at by clicking 

“login as super user”. 

Core features: 

Manage articles, comments, tags and users. 

Comet feature: 

There is a comet feature demonstration at comment page. Just open a article at in two browsers at the same time. 

Then add a comment to the article in one of the browsers. You will see that comment appears in another browser in real-time without refresh.

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