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About CarpentryConnect ZA 2021

This is the website repository for CarpentryConnect South Africa 2021.

CarpentryConnects are community convenings, organised to bring together community members of The Carpentries that are in close proximity geographically for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and networking. If you are interested in organising a local or regional Carpentries event, either in-person or online, we prepared the CarpentryConnect Planning Kit to guide you as you plan.

Event Funding

CarpentryConnect South Africa is funded by the Code for Science & Society (CS&S) Event Fund, which is a conference fund to support events that promote inclusion and broaden participation in open data science that drives scholarship. The grant application was submitted in mid-2020 by The Carpentries' Regional Consultant for Southern Africa, Dr. Angelique Trusler.

Event Goal

The main goal of CarpentryConnect South Africa 2021 is to build capacity for workshops through instructor training, and establish a network for the regional Carpentries community.

The conference will be held in September 2021.