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gopher.vim is an experimental Vim plugin for the Go programming language.

It is a testbed for some ideas I have; some may get merged back in to vim-go, others may not. I'm not sure yet what will work and what won't.

Goals are:

  • See if some vim-go features can be replaced with native Vim features. For example, I'm not sure if :GoInstall, :GoBuild, :GoTest, etc. add that much over setting a compiler and running :make. Plugins such as vim-makejob provide async :make and work quite well.

  • Investigate how mature the Go support is in other plugins, instead of implementing it in vim-go. Perhaps the best example are the linting and gofmt features: ALE seems to handle those a lot better than vim-go; and for users running ALE is more beneficial as well, since it will give them a more consistent experience across filetypes (instead of having to learn commands/mappings for every filetype).

The reason for this is more code means more bugs and higher maintenance burden. Vim is not an easy editor to program, and I'd rather not re-invent the wheel if existing Vim features or plugins already work well and handle all obscure corner cases.

For the most part, this plugin works, but it is experimental. It also requires Go 1.11 and a fairly new version of Vim (probably 8.0.something).

  • ALE – Syntax checking; gofmt/goimports; integration with [go-langserver][go-langserver] for "go to definition", completion.
  • vim-makejob – Async :make.


let g:ale_fixers  = {'go': ['goimports']}
let g:ale_linters = {'go': ['go build', 'gometalinter']}

let g:gometalinter_fast = ''
      \ . ' --enable=vet'
      \ . ' --enable=errcheck'
      \ . ' --enable=ineffassign'
      \ . ' --enable=goimports'
      \ . ' --enable=misspell'
      \ . ' --enable=lll --line-length=120'
let g:ale_go_gometalinter_options = '--disable-all --tests' . g:gometalinter_fast . ' --enable=golint'