Easily remove "leave" packages; packages on which no other packages depend. Works on multiple platforms.
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For FreeBSD there's a tool called pkg_cutleaves, which is a very handy tool to quickly remove unneeded packages.

None of the Linux systems that I've worked with (Arch, Ubuntu, CentOS) come with such a tool, nor have I been able to find one that works as well as pkg_cutleaves.

So here it is! It's cross-platform, and should work on:

  • FreeBSD with the new pkg system.
  • pacman (Arch Linux).
  • rpm (Red Hat, CentOS, Fedora, SUSE, many more).
  • dpkg (Debian, Ubuntu, many more).

This only implements the visual mode, and not the interactive mode, as I find that to be much more useful. Note that the flags are not compatible with pkg_cutleaves.