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Lightweight automatic reloading of Go processes.
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Lightweight automatic reloading of Go processes.

After initialisation with reload.Do() any changes to the binary (and only the binary) will restart the process. For example:

func main() {
    go func() {
        err := reload.Do(log.Printf)
        if err != nil {
            // Only returns initialisation/startup errors.

    // Replace with actual code...
    time.Sleep(666 * time.Second)

Now use go install or go build to restart the process.

This is an alternative to the "restart binary after any *.go file changed"-strategy that some other projects – such as gin or go-watcher – take. The advantage of reload's approach is that you have a more control over when the process restarts, and it only watches a single directory for changes which has some performance benefits, especially when used over NFS or Docker with a large number of files.

It also means you won't start a whole bunch of builds if you update 20 files in a quick succession. On a desktop this probably isn't a huge deal, but on a laptop it'll save some battery power.

Caveat: the old process will continue running happily if go install has a compile error, so if you missed any compile errors due to switching the window too soon you may get confused.

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