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This project is considered finished Build Status

We’ve all been here, you just inherited a project and it’s a mess.

This will do some basic cleanup:

  • Set all indentation to either tabs or spaces.
  • Convert \r\n to \n.
  • Add a \n to the end of files.
  • Trim whitespace at the end of lines.
  • Remove consecutive newlines.

This should cut down on most useless changes in your VCS log.

sanitize_files is language-agnostic, and should work for most (all?) common programming languages. It will not fix language-specific code styles (location of braces, identifier naming, etc.).


Version 1.1, 20160424

  • Removing consecutive newlines didn't work as intended.
  • Better ignoring of VCS directories.
  • Add encoding:utf-8 for Python 2.
  • Also works if path is a file (rather than a directory).
  • path is now mandatory and no longer defaults to cwd; it's confusing and may clobber stuff unintentionally.

Version 1.0, 20141104

  • Initial release