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Love Python Packaging

This is a simple tool which is meant to quickly bootstrap a Python package, and make most of the manual step of creating a Python package painless. It is highly non-configurable, because good library are opinionated (but you can prove me my default are wrong). So it should work out of the box.


$ love [packagename]

If you don't provide a package name, it will provide one for you.

Then it : - Checks the name is not taken on PyPI - Set up the GitHub repository - Clone repository locally - Enable Travis. - Create a minimal project layout - Setup the package using flit

You now just need to focus on coding.

Name on PyPI.

Love will also warn you if your package has a name close to an already published one. Eg (panda too close to pandas)

Travis and GitHub

Love will ask you to provide a Github Token to log in to Travis & GitHub, it will open a GitHub Page to generate a token, and try to store this token in your keychain.


  • setup docs (readthedocs)
  • setup dev env ?
  • setup tests ?
  • setup readme + badges ?
  • setup coverage (


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                  L      O   O   V   V  E
                  L      O   O   V   V  EEE
                  L      O   O    V V   E
      oo          LLLLL   OOO      V    EEEEE
            oo     OOOOOOOO:       OOOOOOOO!
               oOOOO!!!!;;;;O    OO.......:;!O
              'OOO!!!;;;;;;;;O  O.......:   ;!O
              OOO!!!!;;::::::.OO........:    ;!O
              OO!!!!;;:::::..............:   ;!O
              OOO!!!;::::::..............:   ;!O
               OO!!;;::::::.............:   ;!O           Made With Love
                  O!!;::::::........oo..:::O                  - M -
                       !!;:::::.......O   oo              version : 0.0.2
                         ;;::::.....O        oo  ,o
                            :::..O              ooo
                              ::.              oooo