An embedded blinking Gengar circuitboard using a PIC12.
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Blinking Gengar Circuitboard

alt text

This project contains the schematic, board files, and source code required to build a Gengar circuitboard which randomly blinks. Boards can be ordered at the following OSH Park link. Note that I make no money from these- prices shown are for fabrication only. For additional open source project writeups, see my website.


  • (Quantity) Manufacturer - PN [Reference Designators]
  • (1) Microchip - PIC12F615 [U1]
  • (1) Renata - SMTU1632-LF.TR [B1 Holder]
  • (1) Any - 1632 Lithium Metal Battery[B1 Battery]
  • (2) Any - 1206 Package LED [D1, D2]
  • (2) Any - 1206 1K Resistor [R1, R2]
  • (1) Any - 1206 .1uF Capacitor [C1]