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Not a grid for Nette framework
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Definitely not a grid, just a simple control for printing data in customized templates with paginator.

It's not a good thing to always just show some automatically generated grid with data, mainly in frontend and that package is for that moments.

BC Break!

Be careful, this package was completely rewritten with version 2.0.0. Please read the new readme.


It has:

  • Paginator with custom templates option
  • Latte macros for simplified templates
  • Views (eg. for archived and not archived data)
  • Different data sources
  • Filtering

It hasn't:

  • Default grid template
  • CSS styles
  • JS scripts
  • Sorting
  • Forms

It may get some of these features in future.


$ composer require carrooi/no-grid

Now you can register Nette's extension

    grid: Carrooi\NoGrid\DI\NoGridExtension


    itemsPerPage: 20
        template: %appDir%/paginator.latte
        templateProvider: App\Grid\TemplateProvider
  • itemsPerPage: default is 10
  • paginator/template: not required
  • paginator/templateProvider: class name for template provider, must be an instance of Carrooi\NoGrid\IPaginatorTemplateProvider interface. Not required


use Carrooi\NoGrid\DataSource\ArrayDataSource;
use Nette\Application\UI\Presenter;

class BooksPresenter extends Presenter

	/** @var \Carrooi\NoGrid\INoGridFactory @inject */
	public $gridFactory;
	protected function createComponentBooksGrid()
		$dataSource = new ArrayDataSource([			// Read more about data sources below
			['title' => 'Lord of the Rings'],
			['title' => 'Harry Potter'],
			['title' => 'Narnia'],
		$grid = $this->gridFactory->create($dataSource);
		return $grid;


Transform data loaded from data source

$grid->transformData(function($line) {
	return [
		'id' => $line->getId(),
		'title' => $line->getTitle(),


<table n:no-grid="booksGrid">
		<tr n:no-grid-data-as="$line">
			<th>Display {$noGrid->getCount()} items from {$noGrid->getTotalCount()}</th>
			<td n:no-grid-not-empty>{control booksGrid:paginator}</td>
			<td n:no-grid-empty>No data found...</td>

Latte macros

  • no-grid: Begin grid rendering (similar to {form} macro)
  • no-grid-data-as: Iterate over data from data source and save current line to given variable
  • no-grid-views-as: Iterate over views from current NoGrid and save view data to given variable (see more about views below)
  • no-grid-not-empty: Content will be processed only if there are some data
  • no-grid-empty: Content will be processed only if there are no data
  • no-grid-has-paginator: Content will be processed only if paginator should be rendered

Also you can see that paginator can be rendered with {control booksGrid:paginator}.

These latte macros can't be used as "non-attribute" macros, so there are also variants written in camelCase:

  • noGrid
  • noGridDataAs
  • noGridViewsAs
  • noGridNotEmpty
  • noGridEmpty
  • noGridHasPaginator


Imagine that you want to create for example two tabs - "Active books" and "Sold books". This can be easily done with views.


protected function createComponentBooksGrid()
	$dataSource = new ArrayDataSource([			// Read more about data sources below
			'title' => 'Lord of the Rings,
			'sold' => true,
			'title' => 'Harry Potter,
			'sold' => false,
			'title' => 'Narnia,
			'sold' => false,

	$grid = $this->gridFactory($dataSource);
	$grid->addView('active', 'Active', function(array &$data) {
		$data = array_filter($data, function($book) {
			return !$book['sold'];
	$grid->addView('sold', 'Sold out', function(array &$data) {
		$data = array_filter($data, function($book) {
			return $book['sold'];
	return $grid;


<div n:no-grid="booksGrid">
		<li n:no-grid-views-as="$view" n:class="$view->isCurrent() ? active">
			<a href="{$view->getLink()}">
		<!-- same like previous example -->


Supported conditions:

  • Condition::SAME (default)
  • Condition::NOT_SAME
  • Condition::IS_NULL
  • Condition::IS_NOT_NULL
  • Condition::LIKE
$form = new Form;
$form->addSubmit('search', 'Search!');


// setting filters is not required
$grid->addFilter('name', Condition::LIKE, [
	Condition::CASE_INSENSITIVE => true,
], function($name) {

	// update value before sending query to database
	return '%'. $name. '%';

Now you only have to display form inputs in your template.

Do not render beginning and end of the array, it is rendered automatically!

Data sources

  • Carrooi\NoGrid\DataSource\ArrayDataSource(array)
  • Carrooi\NoGrid\DataSource\Doctrine\DataSource(Doctrine\ORM\QueryBuilder)
  • Carrooi\NoGrid\DataSource\Doctrine\QueryObjectDataSource(Kdyby\Persistence\Queryable, Kdyby\Doctrine\QueryObject)
  • Carrooi\NoGrid\DataSource\Doctrine\QueryFunctionDataSource(Kdyby\Persistence\Queryable, Carrooi\NoGrid\DataSource\DoctrineQueryFunction)
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