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What is Carrot?

Carrot is the beacon content management system for everyone. This is the corresponding iOS SDK. It syncs with the Carrot beacon management system, ranges beacons and triggers appropriate events. All beacon data is persisted locally. Thus, Beacon ranging und event triggering even works in environments with weak mobile connectivity. In order to support iBeacons the minimum deployment target is iOS 7.


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How to get started?

  • Download the project and try out the included iOS example app.
  • Integrate the framework into your own project.
  • Run the carrot beacon management system and connect it to your app.

See the Carrot repository to deploy your own copy of the beacon management system.


The following installation choices are available:

  • Build the CarrotSDK.framework file via the corresponding project target (iOS 8+) and add it to your project.
  • Add all files inside folder Source and Vendor/AFNetworking/AFNetworking to your project.
  • Install via CocoaPods by adding pod 'CarrotSDK' to your podfile.
  • Install via Carthage

Integration & Features

To integrate the CarrotSDK into your project, inialize an instance of CRBeaconManager by calling the Method -initWithDelegate:url:appKey:. You have to provide a CRBeaconManagerDelegate delegate, the base url to your CarrotBMS and an app key:

CRBeaconManager *beaconManager = [[CRBeaconManager alloc] initWithDelegate:beaconViewController url:urlToBMS appKey:APP_KEY];
[beaconManager grantNotficationPermission];
[beaconManager startMonitoringBeacons];

The call -grantNotficationPermission asks the user for the permission to send notifications. The method -startMonitoringBeacons completes the initial setup and automatically begins monitoring. An initial sync task is being triggered right after initializing. To manually trigger synchronisation with the BMS, call the method -startSyncing.


The includes example project (CarrotExample) is located inside the Example folder. It demonstrates possible implementations and features. It's the perfect spot to determine how to utilize most of the SDK methods and see what they do in the context of a 'real world' application.

What's next?

The following features are still missing:

  • Support for binary files - Carrot's current support for text and notifications should be extended to allow file attachments. The syncing process needs to be overhauled for that purpose.

  • Additional documentation


Carrot is released under version 3 of the GPL or any later version.