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OpenSCAD printed circuit board library for solder-free 3D-printable electronics
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OpenSCAD printed circuit board library for solder-free 3D-printable electronics.

This library is licensed under the LGPL See

Feature set:
-- power components --
battery_holder_AAA(count = 1) // by default, makes a holder for 1 battery
battery_holder_AA(count = 1) // but takes a parameter 'count' for several in series
battery_holder_button_cell(count = 1)

-- component holders --
component_capacitor(diameter = 5.5)
component_LED(diameter = 5)
component_2_LEDs(diameter = 5)

-- and tie it all together --
base_board(length, width, thickness) - similar to a pcb, you can place on a board
peg(peg_height = 5, slot_width = 0.8) - start and end point for traces
peg_cap() - end cap, print separately
SPST_slide_switch_base() - base structure of slide switch
SPST_slide_switch_toggle() - sliding structure of switch, print separetly
trace_hop() - for when traces cross, give two separate channels at 90 degree angle

-- functions for placing --
get_component_distance() = 13.5 - uniform size of components, for easy arranging in grids

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