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Paint Job Packer

Paint Job Packer is a lightweight mod making tool for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. It allows you to generate simple paint job mods, with a focus on mods that support multiple vehicles.


  • Support for player-owned trailers, including those from DLCs
  • Support for trucks using the newer accessory-based paint job system, like the Scania S and MAN TGX Euro 6
  • Support for as many vehicles as you like in a single mod
  • Built-in support for >100 truck and trailer mods, full list here
  • Support for separate paint jobs for each cabin of a truck, in case a single texture doesn't work for all of them
  • Optionally includes readymade 4k templates for each vehicle, which can be downloaded separately here (ETS 2) and here (ATS)

Making a mod

Paint Job Packer doesn't make a completed mod when you click the Generate mod button. Instead, it makes what I call "custom example mods", giving you all the files you need for your mod, but with placeholders standing in for every image/texture. You then go through and replace all the placeholder images with your own to complete the mod. Since you usually have to test and tweak a paint job many times before it's ready, generating paint jobs this way means you only have to run the program once.

A more in-depth video version of this guide is available on YouTube

Image editor requirements

Paint Job Packer requires an image editor that can save DDS files. DDS is a special image format used to save textures for many games, including both Trucksim games. You can use any of the following:

  1. Generate base files using Paint Job Packer

    • Make a single paint job for a single vehicle, or a pack with support for multiple vehicles
    • Support each truck's biggest cabin only or all of them, with a single paint job per vehicle or separate ones for each cabin
    • Optionally use 4k/2k templates as placeholder files (if installed)
  2. Replace mod manager files

    • Mod_Manager_Description.txt and Mod_Manager_Image.jpg
    • The description already contains a pre-generated list of vehicles supported by your mod
    • The image must be a 276 x 162 JPEG
  3. Replace icon

    • material/ui/accessory/<paint job>
    • Must be a 256 x 64 DDS
    • If you want your icon to match the vanilla paint jobs, use the placeholder image as a guide for size & shape
  4. Replace vehicle textures

    • vehicle/truck/upgrade/paintjob/<paint job>/<vehicle> and/or vehicle/trailer_owned/upgrade/paintjob/<paint job>/<vehicle>
    • These are the main files of your mod, which determine what your paint job will actually look like in-game
    • Save each DDS in DXT5 format with mipmaps, if possible
    • Ensure every file's height and width is a power of 2 (e.g. 16, 64, 2048, 4096 etc)
    • You can download template packs here (ETS 2) and here (ATS)