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0.11: Overtly Functional

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@mdiep mdiep released this 02 Dec 01:58


  • “OSX” as an alias for the --platform option (#910). Thanks @ikesyo!


  • All platforms will now be built without codesigning (#947). Thanks @flovilmart!
  • Reduced size of CarthageKit.framework (#932). Thanks @norio-nomura!
  • Carthage will error if git is older than the required version (#931). Thanks @ikesyo!
  • Documentation about configuring Travis CI (#953). Thanks @flovilmart!


  • Behavior of --use-submodules when submodules are not initialized or updated (#925). Thanks @ikesyo!
  • Building with Xcode 7.2 (#941). Thanks @ikesyo!
  • The SUPPORTED_PLATFORMS value for tvOS frameworks (#952, #824). Thanks @ikesyo!

Thank you to @mdiep and @ikesyo for improvements to the codebase! Thank you to @mdiep, @ikesyo, and @NachoSoto for reviewing pull requests!