@mdiep mdiep released this Feb 1, 2016 · 1830 commits to master since this release

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  • An autocompletion script for the fish shell (#962). Thanks @rpowelll!


  • Carthage will now build all frameworks from all the projects in the repository (#892, #1035). Thanks @younata and @ikesyo!
  • The project directory is now a named argument, --project-directory, instead of a positional argument (#982). Thanks @ikesyo!
  • The build order of dependencies is now determined at build time, instead of relying on the order in Cartfile.resolved (#974). Thanks @ikesyo!
  • Carthage will now clean projects before attempting to build them in order to work around limitations of dirty building with Xcode (#1028). Thanks @kballard!
  • .dSYM files are now copied and stripped as part of copy-frameworks (#1023). Thanks @eliperkins!
  • archive now accepts multiple framework names and will archive all the frameworks from the current repository if no names are given (#1005). Thanks @ikesyo!
  • Carthage will now print the commands it uses as part of the build output (#986). This does not yet apply to Git operations. Thanks @mdiep!
  • Documentation for the --platform option (#978). Thanks @yene!
  • Error messaging around the use of git ls-tree (#1015). Thanks @mz2!
  • build, checkout, and update now take an optional list of dependencies (#972). Thanks @ikesyo!


  • Issue where running carthage update would use 100% CPU for several minutes (#1071).
  • Thread safety of signal handlers (#944). Thanks @cradnovich!
  • --platform will now remove any spaces around platform names (#966). Thanks @ikesyo!
  • Parsing of scp syntax in Cartfiles (#1040). Thanks @ikesyo!
  • Tags will now be pruned when fetching (#1051). Thanks @ikesyo!
  • Increased timeout and improved message for xcodebuild to accomodate slower machines (#1055). Thanks @tallada!
  • Permissions for ~/Library/Caches/org.carthage.CarthageKit (#1073). Thanks @sharplet!

Thank you to @ikesyo, @mdiep, and @BobElDevil for improvements to the codebase. Thank you to @NachoSoto, @mdiep, @ikesyo, and @nanoxd for reviewing pull requests.