@mdiep mdiep released this Sep 11, 2016 · 1526 commits to master since this release


  • Carthage itself now compiles with both Xcode 8 / Swift 2.3 and Xcode 7 / Swift 2.2 (#1395, #1397, #1398, #1404, #1410, #1442). Thanks @ikesyo!
  • Symlinks will now be created in Carthage/Checkouts/ for dependencies (#1421). Thanks @BobElDevil!
  • macOS is accepted as a value for --platform (#1390). Thanks @ikesyo!
  • appletvos and appletvsimulator are accepted as values for --platform (#1391). Thanks @ikesyo!
  • Output is now flushed at the end of each line (#1444). Thanks @slabko!


  • xcodebuild hang when the target contains a core data model (#1447). Thanks @salling!
  • Redundant fetching of dependencies (#1429). Thanks @BobElDevil!
  • carthage archive incorrectly added absolute paths (#1386). Thanks @BernardGatt!
  • Crash when a repository wasn’t found (#1451). Thanks @mdiep!
  • PrivateHeaders weren’t stripped from copied frameworks (#1380). Thanks @erichoracek!
  • Issues working repositories that were in /tmp (#1459). Thanks @ikesyo!
  • Schemes weren’t escaped when invoking xcodebuild (#1389). Thanks @ikesyo!
  • Failure to get tags when the global Git config changed the output of git tag (#1463). Thanks @jalcine!

Thank you to @rondiamond and @evgeniyd for improvements to the documentation; to @ikesyo for improvements to the codebase; and to @mdiep and @NachoSoto for reviewing pull requests!

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