0.4: Carthage Unpinned

@jspahrsummers jspahrsummers released this Dec 22, 2014

This release adds the ability to pin to arbitrary branches or tags in your Cartfile! 🎉

This release also includes a workaround for errors when submitting to the iOS App Store. See the updated README for instructions on setting up your iOS app project appropriately.

Finally, there have been some breaking changes to the Carthage directory structure, so we can lock it down before 1.0. The new artifact layout looks like this:


When you run carthage build, carthage checkout, or carthage update in a project with the old layout, it will be automatically migrated to the new structure. However, you will have to manually update your project to find its dependencies in the new location.

For a full list of changes, see the 0.4 milestone.