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The Windshaft-CartoDB MultiLayer API extends the [Windshaft MultiLayer API]( in a few ways.
-## Last modification timestamps
+## Last modification timestamp embedded in the token
It encodes a timestamp of 'last modification time' into the map token (token:EPOCH) returned to the client.
It accepts tokens with encoded timestamp from the client considering the token suffix as a cache_buster value.
Clients don't need to be aware of the extension but rather use the API as they would use the base one.
The only difference will be that the _same_ layergroup configuration may result in different tokens if source data was modified between the mapview requests.
-Windshaft-CartoDB adds the following attributes:
+## Additional attributes in the response object
+Windshaft-CartoDB adds the following attributes in the response object
- ``last_update`` field with ISO format (2013-11-30T12:23:10).
- ``cdn_url`` object containing CDN url client should use (not mandatory) to access the tiles. It's in the form:

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