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Windshaft tests

NOTE: everything written in here should be taken care of by running "make check" from top-level dir



Edit configuration settings in the test environment configuration ../config/environments/test.js -- specifically the postgresql and maybe redis slots.

Redis needs to be running and listening on port 6333 or whatever you specified in the environment setting.

PostgreSQL 9.1+ needs to be running, listening on a TCP port and be accessible as specified in the environment configuration.

Create a spatial database called "windshaft_test" and load the script fixtures/windshaft.test.sql to initialize it. The script ./prepare_test attempts to do all of it for you, but needs the existance of a 'template_postgis' database. Note that the spatial DB must be loaded with a version of PostGIS providing 'AsBinary' and friends (including legacy.sql for PostGIS-2.0).

Flushing your redis database may be needed if you are developing or after changes to the environment configuration: redis-cli -p 6333 flushall.


once database is configured, run the tests with mocha:

cd ..
mocha -u tdd test/unit/windshaft.test.js
mocha -u tdd test/unit/render_cache.test.js
mocha -u tdd test/acceptance/server.js


  • mocha might be installed in ../node_modules/mocha/bin
  • performance tests are currently broken. Need removal or fixing.
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