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Accept layergroup config via GET parameter #69

strk opened this Issue · 8 comments

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In order to support old browsers we need to accept layergroup config via GET parameter

@strk strk was assigned

remember it should accept jsonp calls (with an argument callback as usual)


It looks like we have no tests for jsonp in the acceptance.js, what else is supposed to work with jsonp ?
I see an app.enable('jsonp callback') line in the code, so maybe that's automatic... but still worth adding testcases


for the moment only grids have support for jsonp

@strk strk closed this issue from a commit
@strk strk Accept layergroup config via GET parameter
Route is /layergroup, required parameter is "config" with a
stringified JSON value. Closes #69
@strk strk closed this in 9b8a6d2

Ok, I've added a test for JSONP with grid and it works, but with layergroup indeed doesn't work yet.
Maybe it needs an applicaiton/javascript content type rather than an application/json

@strk strk reopened this
@strk strk closed this in ed1df7d

It was about sending an object rather than manually stringifying it.
I added a test for JSONP from layergroup creation via GET too now (and it works).
Do you need it for POST too ?


no no, jsonp is only for GET, thanks man


OK, windshaft 0.11.0 coming then


0.11.0 ready

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