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CARTO for React

Welcome to CARTO for React! The best way to develop Location Intelligence (LI) Apps using CARTO platform + React +

You can see for yourself how easy it is to create an application in this video.

It is based on the most popular toolchain, Create React App, and it will allow you to start with a well designed structure following the best practices for modern frontend development and an integrated toolchain for testing, building and deploying your application.

@carto/cra-template-base-3 (basic template for CARTO 3)

version downloads

@carto/cra-template-base-3-typescript (basic template for CARTO 3 with TypeScript)

version downloads

@carto/cra-template-sample-app-3 (sample app template for CARTO 3)

version downloads

Getting started

The basic prerequisite for using Create React App is to have a package manager (npm or yarn) previously installed. yarn is preferred for developers contributing to the projects, as it will ensure a better integration with external libs.

To download our basic template for create-react-app and kickstart your application, just type the following command:


npx create-react-app my-app --template @carto/base-3


yarn create react-app my-app --template @carto/base-3

Note: that's the version corresponding to CARTO 3 (latest, recommended), but there are also other templates mentioned above.

Then you can start the development server:


cd my-app
npm start


cd my-app
yarn start

A full Sample Application with the most common functionality, deployed from the sample-app-3 template, is available at

Want to know more about it? Visit the CARTO for React documentation page for more details, guides and a reference.